Why You Shouldn’t Forget Your Gutters in Your Home Improvement Project

It is that time of the year again – that time when you are thinking about patching up areas of your home that don’t look so impressive. Chances are, you are already halfway the project. There is also a likelihood that your house is now curbing aesthetic appeal courtesy of a new set of window screens and blinds and of course a new paint job. In fact, as you read this, a landscape artist could be on his way to give your front yard a thorough facelift. Meanwhile, your pebble mosaic pathway is as good as complete.



Slow down!

Why have you ignored your gutters? That trough attached under the edge of your roof. When was the last time you inspected it? Better yet, when was the last time you rolled up your sleeves just to find out what is happening inside your gutters? Sure, topics that touch on gutters are not fun at all. But you can’t do without them, so you have no choice but to examine your gutters and learn one or two things about them. If you don’t know anything about this, call gutter service Seattle and ask them for a free estimate. If you live in Denver or surrounding areas, Gutters Denver may be a better choice. I can’t make recommendations for other areas – if you aren’t sure, just search on Google and you will find appropriate ones with the best reviews. Just make sure they offer free estimates, so you don’t pay too much for it.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Most homeowners neglect their gutters until the rainy season or winter when they begin to see something that kind of looks like a dirty water leak from their homes. By that time, it is often too late. Had you examined you gutters during summer, you would have realized they were clogged. By the time the rainy season comes, the gutter would be directing water away from your home because you cleared the clog. In short, twigs, seeds, dirt and leaves can block your gutters duct and make water stagnant if you fail to clean the gutter regularly. The gutter will then become a heaven for creepy crawlies and disease carting insects that can endanger the life of your family members.

Structural damages

You may be lucky enough to get away with the aforementioned insects, but not so with structural damages that occur as a rust of neglected gutters. Clogged gutters can cause overflows that get to the foundation of your house and result in wood rot. The water can also go as far as running down the pathways and pavement. This may cause algae and make a serious falling hazard. To keep of the said structural damages and falling hazards, choose a good gutter system. Then every time you undertake a home improvement project, include gutter replacement, repair or installation.

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