Three Simple Rules To Follow When Dealing With Lead

Any lead abatement expert will tell you for a fact how lead can compromise your health. But it is not just about your health. It is about that of your loved ones and pets as well. That means you have to consider lead abatement at your earliest convenience. But just what happens when one wants to take a few measures on his or her own before help arrives?

Don’t scrub anything

Lead is almost like asbestos. It is best left undisturbed. Scrapping off lead from any surface may mean you will have inhale lead dust. Leave the surface with lead at least until help arrives. Alternatively, you can try lead encapsulation if you are familiar with the process. More information here.

Protect your family

This is where children come into the picture. They are the most affected by lead, so do everything you can to protect them. Ensure their toys are lead free. Ensure too their rooms are painted with lead free paints. If and when possible, find out if the toys they use at school are lead free.

Protect your pets

Pets suffer from exposure to lead the same way humans suffer. The easiest way to find out is to watch out for symptoms. It could be breathing complications or general weakness. Take your pet to a vet to ascertain whether or not it is about to succumb to dangers of exposure to lead.

Contact an expert

When all is said and done, the only person who can come to your rescue is a lead abatement expert. Call one as soon as you can. You will be advised on all you need to know about lead abatement procedures and of course, the cost of each procedure. Remember to hire experts from reputable companies. That is the only way you can be sure of getting value for money.

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