3 Areas At Home That Can Easily Catch Fire

Your home is your solace – that place you always want to get to as soon as you can after a long day at work. It therefore makes sense to invest in the right firefighting equipment, all in the name of keeping your home safe. But there is more into achieving the desired form of safety than just investing in the said equipment. You have to take into account the most susceptible areas as far as fire is concerned.

It’s always better to prevent fire damage. However, sometimes the damage can’t be prevented – in such cases, make sure you call the fire department and fire damage restoration contractors.

Fire at home


Your kitchen is a red zone for obvious reasons. You use fire in the kitchen from time to time. That is in fact why your kitchen should have the biggest fire extinguisher. But do not just settle at the fire extinguisher. Consider other safety measures too. Install a smoke detector then always make sure there is a lot of fresh air coming into your kitchen.


Gasoline and fire do not go together. That is common knowledge. Considering fire prevention tips for your garage is therefore a wise move. So over and beyond the said measures, remember to always wipe off any gasoline or oil spills. Then use the right extinguisher for your garage.

Living room

It sounds strange that your living room could be a red zone. But it is. This is mainly because of the electric connections that could be in your living room. So start off by making sure your connection is safe. Then like hinted, go for the right paint, ensure the room is well ventilated and that the young ones under your roof don’t play unsupervised.

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